LG Electronics to Release “G Watch R”
LG Electronics to Release “G Watch R”
  • by Korea IT Times(info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2014.10.07 19:25
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SEOUL, KOREA - LG Electronics is setto release “LG G Watch R” in the domestic market on October 14.The “G Watch R,”priced at 352,000 won, will be released simultaneously in major countriesworldwide, including Korea.


The “G Watch R,” whichwas disclosed first at the IFA 2014, held in Berlin, Germany, last month, wasselected as the Best of IFA 2014 by local IT media.


It is mounted with around-type plastic OLED display, first among smartwatches, drawing sharpattention from spectators there.With a full-circle design, the smartwatchemploys plastic OLED, a highly-acclaimed material suitable to make wearabledisplay thinner and lighter.


Just like premiumfashion watches, “G Watch R” also adopts a metal body and a natural leatherstrip.To offer classic feel, the strap has a 22-mm width, the standard for regularwristwatches.


Other eye-catchingfeatures include a 410-mAh battery, a user interface that can connect with all4.3-inch-plus smartphones, an always-on function, and a pulse sensor.

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