Kwang Yul Cha, Special Lecture of Celebrities Invited by USC
Kwang Yul Cha, Special Lecture of Celebrities Invited by USC
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Kwang Yul Cha – Executive Chairman of Cha Hospital Group

SEOUL KOREA - Kwang Yul Cha, Executive Chairman of Cha Hospital Group, delivered a lecture at special lecture session inviting celebrities at University of Southern California (hereinafter called USC) that is one of prestigious private universities representing the US by targeting medical professors, students, doctors and researchers. This lecture session is considerably popularized among the medical students as it is directly progressed by the dean of USC for 6 times a year through coordination with world famous celebrities or great scholars having new and professional knowledge. In this lecture session, Chairman Kwang Yul Cha won fervent response by explaining not only world-wide academic outcome having been achieved by Cha Hospital Group so far but also Chaum that is individual customized medicine and prevention-oriented hospital as a key of bio-industry strategy and future medicine. There was a rumor that a lot of students showed interest in establishment aim and background of Chaum and were strongly impressed by deep insight of Chair Cha for future medical industry.

USC as one of prestigious private universities representing western US is located at downtown Log Angeles, California and it is one of world best universities that opened more than 800 major subjects based on app. 38,000 students and 3,400 faculty members at present. In particular, it expands its reputation as a research-oriented university and it is growing in a fast pace under the active scholarship support and sponsorship in various research fields including health care, engineering technology and cultural studies, humanities. In addition, as the most globalized university in the US, 7,200-odd foreign students from all over the world are studying in this university.

Chairman Kwang Yul Cha, of Cha Hospital Group is one of world-wide authorities in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility and awarded the best and excellent thesis prize from American Society for Reproductive Medicine for 7 times and made a great contribution to infertility and reproductive medicine field by establishing Pan-Pacific Infertility Society as well. In addition, together with presentation of journal research theses over 200 pieces, he also delivered special lecture at major societies for over 230 times. He established Cha Hospital Stem Cell Research Institute under the umbrella of Cha Hospital Group, Cha Biotech, Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital that is US Cha hospital, Cha Hospital Infertility Center, Chaum and Cha Bio-complex that is Pangyo General research institute in addition to Gangnam Cha Hospital and in 1999, he added a new page to the history of Korean medicine by establishing CC infertility center as No. 1 medical export of Korea by the request of Columbia University. At present, he takes the initiative in bio-patriotism through communicative convergence among research, clinical medicine and business by using network among school, research institute and enterprise that were directly established by himself.

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