NHN Releases Jing Wu Online in China
NHN Releases Jing Wu Online in China
  • Yeon Choul-woong
  • 승인 2009.07.24 11:55
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Jingwuonline released by NHN

NHN released Jing Wu Online at the ChinaJoy China Game Business Conference (CGBC) on July 23. Jing Wu Online, developed by Three Stones Studios, a joint venture firm of Vertigo Games in Korea and ourgame.com in China, is a 3D online battle game based on character fights.

There are eight types of characters in the game performing different kinds of martial arts ranging from Taekwondo to Muay Thai. In order to make it easy to use various skills or techniques Jing Wu Online, many of the skills are uninterrupted.  They are activated only by using direction and attack keys.  One of the most interesting features of Jing Wu Online is a mode of multiple battles between gamers, which makes it different from other 3D online battle games.

“Jing Wu Online will surely be one of the most exciting games for Chinese gamers,” Cooper Yang, the managing director of NHN ourgame.com, said. “Therefore, we’re going to prepare a lot of things to provide successful online services in China.”

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