Cross Gene ‘Seyoung’ to Join ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ Musical in Japan
Cross Gene ‘Seyoung’ to Join ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ Musical in Japan
  • Kim Heea
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Cross Gene Seyoung’s musical will hit Japan.

Seyoung has been playing the role ‘Son Ji Hwan’ in a musical which has been running at KT&G Sang Sang Art Hall from November 21. He will also appear on which will be held in Tokyo starting on February 16.

Korean musical portrays a story of young men starting up a small vegetable shop to fulfill their dream as ‘we’ and not ‘I’. The musical was a huge hit in Asian countries and its entire tickets went sold out in Tokyo and Osaka in 2013. Seyoung expressed his feelings and said “Following my debut musical in Korea, I feel thankful to be on stage in Japan. I’m happy to perform for Japanese fans who could not see this musical in Korea. I’ll try my best to show better stages since many of you have given me support and love.”

Meanwhile, Seyoung’s musical will be held at ‘Sunshine Theater’ in Tokyo, Japan on February 16 through 22. Cross Gene wrapped up their song promotions for ‘I’m Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man’ on SBS MTV on the 16th.


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