Amharic(Ethiopian) Keyboard released for iOS(iPhone) by Agerigna
Amharic(Ethiopian) Keyboard released for iOS(iPhone) by Agerigna
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Apple Amharic Keyboard (ipad2)

Agerigna, the Social Networking Service provider to the Ethiopian community, has released an Amharic Keyboard released for IOS Version. This is the first of its kind. Following its release of Amharic Keyboard on Android, the company believes this function will help integrate Ethiopians using iphone to the application. The Amharic Keyboard was first created to allow Ethiopians type words in their own language to enhance communication. Ethiopia is a country with more than 94 million people having their own culture and language. There are more than 70 local languages spoken in Ethiopia. Amharic, the official working language of government, is one of the languages widely spoken in Ethiopia. It is the second-most spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic, with more than 27 million native speakers.

In the past few years, the demand for smartphones in Ethiopia has increased; likewise, the demand for applications, which can be delivered through smartphones to provide local information and services. Localized application that uses Amharic language becomes most demanded applications for Ethiopian peoples. In order to meet the increased demand from smartphone users in Ethiopia, Agerigna has successfully delivered several localized smartphone applications specifically for Ethiopian users.

Apple Amharic Keyboard (ipad3)

Agerigna developed the first Amharic version of mobile messenger, SNS application, for Android smartphones. Agerigna is not limited to only SNS service. It has also developed an efficient soft keyboard or IME (input method editor) for Android smartphones. Since its first release on December 2013, the Android keyboard is downloaded over 190,000 times and the figure is expected to grow when the keyboard is available as embedded on smartphones. Agerigna believes that the applications will make big influence on smartphone manufacturing companies to include the Amharic Keyboard in their smartphone products.

Because of the lack of Keyboard API for IOS, Agerigna was limited to develop its Keyboard input method only for Android devices. However, after the appearance of API for keyboard development in IOS8, Agerigna becomes the first to successfully deliver the Amharic Keyboard Application for IOS. The Keyboard made available on App Store for free to be downloaded by IPhone Ethiopian users. It is believed that Ethiopian peoples can benefit from Agerigna Amharic Keyboard since it lets them to socialize and communicate using their own language in both Android and IPhone devices.

Both Android and IPhone Agerigna Amharic Keyboard have a unique feature that no competitor in the market offers. Almost all the other Amharic keyboards on the Android system follow the traditional input method. The traditional methods are based on the 18th century's QWERT (1868) that does not meet the needs of the new smartphone generation. Agerigna will outdate any existing Amharic keyboards.

Now smartphone users can experience a more efficient way of input that reduces the number of keystrokes for quick writing. Furthermore in addition, according to the plan Agerigna co, in the near future the word prediction function will be added to increase the value of the keyboard with a huge vocabulary.

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