Lee Yeon-hee Becomes Femme Fatale and Took Off Pure-looking Image
Lee Yeon-hee Becomes Femme Fatale and Took Off Pure-looking Image
  • Yang Ja-young
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Actress Lee Yeon-hee’s character poster for a film <Detective K:The Laborer’s Daughter> has been revealed.

The poster revealed by the film distribution company on the 13th included Lee Yeong-hee’s seductive features as she transformed herself into her character, Hisako. She is gazing the front in a vivid violet Kinomo and her beautiful image resemble the portrait of a Beauty. The poster has a catchy phrase “Can I join your for this round” which evokes people’s curiosity.

In the film, Lee Yeon-hee plays the role of mysterious woman Hisako who mesmerizes Kim Min (played by Kim Myung-min) with her beauty wherever he goes to. It is ambiguous whether she is an enemy or a friend which is the reason she is dangerous for Kim Min. Through her new character, she took off her pure and present her never-before-seen femme fatale features.

It has been reported that Lee Yeon-hee had special affection for the film and she stated “After I was cast for the second sequence of <Detective K>, I was honored”.

Meanwhile, <Detective K:The Laborer’s Daughter> is a comic film which is about detective Kim Min who deals with two investigations, one dealing with fraud silver bar and another with a missing girl. The movie premieres in February.

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