LG Electronics to Supply Battery Packs for Google’s Unmanned Car
LG Electronics to Supply Battery Packs for Google’s Unmanned Car
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  • 승인 2015.01.19 17:50
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LG Electronics is designated as a sole supplier of battery packs for the unmanned vehicle which Google is now developing.Google plans to commercialize its unmanned vehicle which can drive not only on highways but also on local roads, within the next five years

Google is now playing the leading role in the open automotive alliance, whose members are jointly engaged in the development of the unmanned car. 

Among the members of the alliance are LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Bosch, and Nvidia.Google’s unmanned vehicles will be mounted with LG Electronics’ battery packs. 

An LG Electronics officialsaid, “As one of Google’s strategic partners, we have been cooperating in various projects. The supply of battery packs for unmanned vehicles is in line with this partnership.” 

LG Electronics set up aventure capital division in July 2013 and has fostered automobile parts business as one of its next-generation cash cows.

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