Clara Embroiled in Legal Dispute With Her Agency Polaris
Clara Embroiled in Legal Dispute With Her Agency Polaris
  • Yang Ja-young
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While Clara and her agency Polaris are embroiled in a legal battle for nullifying her exclusive contract, Polaris has revealed the full contents of text messages which the chairman of the company and Clara exchanged. A day after it was revealed, Clara released an official statement and anticipated a huge dispute.

Clara filed a suit against Polaris to nullify her contract with them at the end of December last year. She claimed in the suit that the chairman Lee Kyu-tae made suggestive remarks to her such as “Meeting you was different from other celebrities and exciting”, “Let’s have a drink tomorrow night” causing the actress to feel sexually humiliated. She also claimed that the company violated to the contract and the chairman behaved unprofessionally.

However, Polaris sued Clara’s father Lee Seung-kyu, who is in actual charge of managing her, for threatening the company. The company refuted that Clara had breached her contract several times last year, and the company sent certification of contents because she did not revise their requests. A rep stated “She asked us to nullify her contract with the company. However, when we did not accept her request, she had threatened us that she would say she has been sexually harassed”

While both parties are in the midst of highly charged dispute, a media outlet Dispatch revealed the full text message between Clara and the chairman to find the evidence for ‘sexual harassment’.

Reading the text message makes us believe that Clara is accountable for the issue. She sent photos of her underwear pictorial shoots and bikini photos and also asked the chairman not to publicize the fact her contract is exclusive to protect her career.

This is understandable since she went through similar disputes with her former agency. She had conflict with her previous agency Galaxia Communications and transferred to Martin Kyle under the condition that the new agency will monthly pay off the penalty. However, Martin Kyle failed to stick to the condition and she signed a contract with Polaris.

So, Clara was afraid to pay additional penalty to Galaxia if her exclusive contract with Polaris is publicized. However, Polaris revealed through a media release that Clara signed an exclusive contract with them. It was because the company could not continue to support her from the back while it remains ambiguous which one is her agency.

Even after she signed her contract with Polaris, she appeared with the former CEO of Martin Kyle, Kim, and acted as if he is Clara’s CEO. The chairman stated “If you had faith in me and the company, you should have discussed everything with me or the company, not Kim. That is the normal way to do things. If you keep going around with Kim and not your manager, the company cannot help you.”

When the public’s criticism turned toward Clara, Clara’s legal representative Shinwoo revealed the third media release on the 20th and refuted against Dispatch’s news. The point is his:▲the text message between Clara and the chairman is malicious edited in favor of Polaris ▲photos sent by Clara are part of her pictorial shoots which are already published▲The chairman made suggestive remarks which made Clara feel sexually humiliated including “I must know what you are doing. Some managers know the menstrual cycle of their female celebs.” These are clearly inappropriate remarks. ▲Suggestive remarks is not the only reason Clara decided to nullify her contract with Polaris.

Clara’s rep sated “We will make Polaris take legal responsibility for defamation and privacy infringement if they release untrue rumors.”

Both sides lost faith for each other. Although Clara tried to appeal her side, she’s currently on the defensive. She has been caught bluffing several times and earned dishonorable nickname ‘Gurara’ (translated as ‘Cla-lie’). There’s much attention how she will overcome this crisis. She needs clear and strong evidence to defend herself.

By / Yang Ja-young

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