Shinhan Bank Resolves to Never Fall Again to DDoS
Shinhan Bank Resolves to Never Fall Again to DDoS
  • Whangbo Min-kyung
  • 승인 2009.08.11 22:16
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Having failed to escape the indiscriminate bombing of the recent DDoS attack, Shinhan Bank stated that it arranged several countermeasures based on the experience to prepare for any future attacks.

The measures to counter each crisis include analyzing the case of attacks and fortifying prevention through collaboration with related organizations, reinforcing the early warning system, and expanding the operation of e-commerce substitute channels.

Specific strategies to cope with DDoS attacks were created.

It is necessary to prepare an omnidirectional response by building a united response system with internet service providers and security enterprises. As there are limitations to completely preventing DDoS attacks in advance, such a system is necessary to detect the virus at an early stage and rapidly distribute the solutions to stop the virus from spreading further.

Furthermore, a continuous investment in internet security-related IT infrastructure is needed. In today’s Internet age, it is not a great exaggeration to say that a company’s survival lies upon its security. Rather than spending the resources to recover from a security accident, an anticipative and continuous investment should be made along with early preventive inspections.

Next, training professionals in security-related fields is essential. Companies need to continuously invest in recruiting security-related experts and further developing their professionalism.

Finally, users’ security-consciousness should be heightened. An active publicity should be made by public and private organizations to raise the public’s awareness of the dangers of DDoS attacks, as future attacks may strike unexpectedly and in a completely different manner.

To cope with indiscriminate attacks such as the recent DDoS attack, a united response system through which public and private security corporations and the related organizations can collaborate to form a speedy and effective response should be constructed. Particularly, banks dealing with clients’ personal information and financial assets should never let down its guard against dangers to its security.

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