Korean Crime-Thriller Film ‘The Deal’ Opens The New Door
Korean Crime-Thriller Film ‘The Deal’ Opens The New Door
  • Yang Ja-young
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Here comes the strong character.will open the new door for 2015 Korean crime-thriller film followed byand.

▶ Synopsis: When I caught the suspect, my younger sister disappeared

The veteran detective Tae-soo (played by Kim Sang-kyung) coincidentally arrests Jo Kang-cheon from hit-and-run case. Believing Kang-cheon was only hit-and-run driver, the detective finds bloodstain and hair in the back of Kang-cheon’s car trunk. It turns out that Kang-cheon is a serial killer who rocked the country.

When the investigation takes place, Tae-soo realizes that his younger sister was Kang-cheon’s last victim. An ordinary man Kim Seung-hyun (played by Kim Sung-kyun) loses his wife at that same time, and disappears without a trace.

After three years, Tae-soo senses that someone targets to kill Kang-cheon who has been sentenced to death and being imprisoned. Tae-soo can’t either protect him nor kill him. Then, Seung-hyun suddenly appears before his eyes.

▶ What is the film

The films unfolds what happens after the case is closed. The movie focuses on the life of victims’ families and the serial killer. Unlike other crime-thriller film which motivate the audience the guess the criminal,reveals the culprit in the first place.

Director Son Yong-ho stated, “Criminals with pleasure-seeking behavior causes a lot of social problems which cannot violate the rules. The serial killer murdered only for his pleasure, so we minimized the detailed explanation. The film deals with how desperate the families become, and the drams that are created from the tragic event.”

▶ Things to Watch 1. Actors with Great Acting Abilities Show Strong Acting.

Since it is crime-thriller genre, the first casting condition was acting abilities. Director Son said, “We needed actors with excellent acting abilities. Each characters have different ways of acting, but they all had to show extremes of emotions.”

Son’s final casting line-up was amazing. Kim Sang-kyung who showed strong impact from, and Kim Sung-kyun who sent the chill with the villain character, Park Sung-woong who is the emperor of noir action film joined Son’s crew.

Kim Sang-kyung said, “I was immersed in emotion when I filmed. But it was different this time. At the ending scene, I confront Sung-woong and I kill him after hearing one word. I couldn’t hold back my tears even when the scene ended. The first thing that comes to mind after my scene is ‘What do I do for the next scene’, but I was just lost in Tae-soo’s sorrow.” and shared his feelings.

Kim Sung-kyun is playing the victim for the very first time. He said, “I tried to maintain grieving emotion after losing a beloved wife. So, I broke into tears even when I watched. However, I still can’t understand the mind of victims’ who went through such a tragic event.”

▶ Things to Watch 2. The Only Female Character Yoon Seung-ah’s Impact

Soo-kyung is the last victim of the serial killer and Yoon Seung-ah took the role. The director chose the actress for her adorable face and large eyes. Son explained, “I needed an actress who is cute and kind to make the story even more heart-rending.” Soo-kyung’s absence in the play made the plot even stronger.

Yoon Seung-ah had to play the rough scene after announcing marriage with his fiance Kim Moo-yeol. She said, “I was thrilled to try a new genre. It was great that I had someone who cared about me before shooting a tough scenes.”

The actress grabbed reporters’ eyes by enthusiastically playing her role as a victim. In a scene where she was intensely dragged by Park Sung-woong, she played without a double. She said, “It was the most violent scene I’ve every played since my debut. I could not fall a sleep the day before the scene. However, Park Sung-woong sunbaenim led me and helped me at the film set.” Kim Sang-kyung said, “We watched the film together, and we were all mesmerized by her acting. She was so real that we thought she was using a dummy doll.”

Son stated, “I hope for a box office hit for actors who put in much efforts into the film. Please go and watch our film at theaters.” The movie premiers in March.

By www.wikikpop.com Yang Ja-young

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