Lee Tae-im Caught Up in Cursing Controversy…What She Needs is a Professionalism
Lee Tae-im Caught Up in Cursing Controversy…What She Needs is a Professionalism
  • Yang Ja-young
  • 승인 2015.03.06 03:31
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Sexy actress Lee Tae-im has fallen into bottom pit in a second. She has reportedly cursed and yelled at former ‘Jewelry’ member Yewon and dropped out from the show. What is she possibly thinking at this moment

Lee Tae-im dropped from MBCon the 3rd and explained that she is leaving the show due to ‘health issues’. However, rumors went viral in the entertainment industry. She arouse criticism because she cursed at Yewon harshly and behaved nonsensically.

According to many witnesses, Yewon asked Lee Tae-im ‘Aren’t you cold’ after Lee Tae-im came out of the cold water and she started cursing at her. She did not show up for the next part of filming schedule forRumors have been circling that she will soon drop from SBS Weekend drama.

It’s been reported that she had discontent while discussing with drama staffs. The drama production team stated, “Lee Tae-im asked us to have a reduced role. She will not withdraw from the drama.”

It seems like she has harmed her image irreparably. Some claimed that she had unfortunate family event which led her to have unstable minds.

The reason she received rising criticisms were because she did give full explanation on the situation. She has finally opened her mouth through an exclusive interview with Star News after a day and half since the controversy arouse.

She said, “I have a lot to say. So many lies and untrue facts are being reported. It is my fault to curse at Yewon, but she used the informal speech in the first place. She didn’t even ask me if I was okay. While filming the show, there were various situations that I had been upset about. I’d been suppressing those, and finally those emotions just exploded.”

She mentioned how harsh people have been toward female sexy stars and said, “I think people just don’t like me. It sounds like they want me to die. I’m serious considering whether or not to leave the industry.”

The reason she is getting harsh criticism is because she is ‘a sexy star with vague identity’. Most celebrities overcome a crisis by showing their professionalism in the field, but in case of sexy stars, this do not work. If people can’t recall the star’s iconic work while remembering the incident, she can never come back to the industry.

When Lee Tae-im filmed SBS, she received criticisms for revealing her body too much which did not go with the flow of the show. It’s hard to recover her image when she wastes her sexy image.

Clara has shown how a sexy star could plummet in an instant. She garnered much attention with her glamorous body, and actively pursued her career on music and acting. However, she did not achieve any remarkable result. On top of this, her small and big lies kept snowballing. Now ,she is branded as a ‘liar’ and Entertainment Management Corporation put a restriction on her activity.

They can’t just say it is unfair. If there is a problem, they must face it and finish what they were up to. It’s not the time to say that you are going to commit suicide, and professionally find what’s wrong and right.

There’s much attention whether Lee Tae-im will make a wise choice.

By www.wikikpop.com Yang Ja-young

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