Good Dream Warm Water Mat Completely Blocking Electromagnetic Waves
Good Dream Warm Water Mat Completely Blocking Electromagnetic Waves
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CEO of Guodunjuyi E-commerce (Shenzhen) of China (left) and Park Jung-hee, President of Good Dream Warm Water Mat (right) are running the blocking electromagnetic waves test for Giga88 Four Season Mat

South Korea’s high-profile mat provider Good Dream Warm Water Mat ( has recently unveiled a new mat completely blocking electromagnetic waves.

The firm made its mat 5 centimeter in thick to prevent the breakdown of a hot-water boiler, which may occur when a person lies on the mat and presses a hose of hot water to block the flow of hot water.

Good Dream Warm Water Mat’s new products include “Giga Functional Hot Water Mat,” “Giga Two in One Mat: Mother and Baby” and “Giga88 Four Season Mat.”

“Giga Functional Warm Water Mat” features functional sheets containing 300 non-woven pockets which have eco-friendly materials such as red clay, elvan, cypress, jade and amethyst inside. When applying heat to the mat, they emit far-infrared radiation, phytoncide and anion to improve users’ health. 

“Giga Two in One Mat: Mother and Baby,” which passed an international patent ElectroMagnetic Fields Testing, uses one boiler for two mats. The company said this is particularly good for mothers and their babies, who need to keep their bodies warm. It has a separated heating system to help adjust temperatures for mothers and their babies.

“Giga88 Four Season Mat” is the first mat which users can use throughout four seasons. It completely blocks electromagnetic waves, and also prevents fire thanks to its three layered safety system. It can conveniently be washable with the separated cover.

As it uses 3D ventilation mat, it is good for children or patients who sweat a lot. Its natural fibers are less sensitive to skin and reduces heat.

So far, most inexpensive hot water mats sold via Home shopping channels do not come with warranty. However, Gooddream’s mat is the first one which has international patents to prevent electromagnetic waves, its spokesperson said.

The eco-friendly mats, sold in Giga Korea shopping platform, is currently well received especially in China’s Qingdao, Shanghai, Yanji and Shenzhen. The company is set to sign a deal with China’s CCTV in Shanghai on Mar. 16. 

By Yeon Choul-woong

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