The Hot Zone of Current IT
The Hot Zone of Current IT
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Wells Fargo

The first electronic money transfer that was ever made in history dates back to 1864 with the Wells Fargo telegraph. This was the period of time when famous outlaws like Black Bart commonly attacked couriers and wagons to steal the cash of the Wild West. Telegraphs and Morse Code made the instantaneous transmission of information possible and helped shape the beginning of the telecommunications industry. The new national communication system soon proved a boon to newspapers, to freight hauling, to weather reporting, to law enforcement, and to railroads.

The e-Commerce Era

Wells Fargo maintained special courier services across the Sierras for carrying gold and mail until the 1860s.  Its banking, freight, and business services flourished in California due to its advanced transference of goods in high security.  Now is the twenty first century, and we are still using the telegraph. The difference is that a huge amount of money is transferred around the world through fiber optic cables between the banks, stock markets, enterprises, and factories. Today, e-Commerce is a huge untapped territory of the economy. How fast will this market grow How far will it expand

According to earlier records, 1,700,000 Americans bought US$7 billion worth of goods online, and this was only in 1998. Back in 2002, 5,800,000 Americans spent US$41 billion online. Network marketers are expecting a big turnout and starting to prepare for this massive amount of commercial transactions.  Here, cyber threats like DDoS attacks are huge obstacles to note.

Sky Multimedia with PSP

Multimedia Communication Era

Computers no longer serve as a typewriter. Video chatting, movie playing, and voice communicating can all be done with a single device.  Look at the cell phones we use today. Most phones today not only serve as portable devices to allow real time voice communication, but also serve as an MP3 and movie player, gaming device, and a text messenger. If a phone is 3G, video chat is even included with other features where two people can talk face to face with a small device in hand. DMB and netbooks are also the great example of the multimedia communication products.

T-50 Golden Eagle

Defense Industry Era

The defense industry is another hot issue in Korea. Chairman Shim Dae-pyung of the Liberty Frontier Party has recently said that the defense industry is the blue ocean of the global economy.  The government is looking at the defense industry as a new growth engine. The government is in urgent need to come up with a marketing plan to seal export deals. The recent export deal with the UAE for the T-50 Golden Eagle was dropped at the last minute. Korea should promptly understand the reason for this failure and come up with a plan to export our advanced defense products.

IT is no longer only the infrastructure of our country. It has been an icon in each era, the leader of each new trend. What e-commerce, multimedia communication, and the defense industry all require in common is a safe networking system, the cyber space where a safety and protection is promised. Where is the lock when we need it

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