BM Biotechnology Develops Glasses to Treat Dry Eyes
BM Biotechnology Develops Glasses to Treat Dry Eyes
  • Lee Kyung-ho
  • 승인 2015.03.16 18:49
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People in a modern society are exposed to various digital devices such as smartphones, computers and televisions, increasingly suffering from eye strain and fatigue.

When you use a laptop for over two hours, it can significantly increase your eye fatigue and lead to vision loss, according to “Digital Eye Strain Report 2015” recently published by the Vision Council, a non-profit organization.

Unlike paper, the digital display emits strong electromagnetic waves, and this advances aging process and leads to dry eye syndrome. It can also affect daily life, which requires high concentration ability such as studying or driving, as eyes are directly related to brain.

BM Biotechnology, a dry-eye treatment device developer, has currently developed “Brain Med” and “Eyeglasses for driving,” which prevents users’ eye fatigue and helps increase their concentration with a material of Xero-M.

The company is now ramping up its efforts to develop new medical devices to help cure eye fatigue and dry eyes in partnership with college hospitals, research institutes and governments.

In line with this, the company is also finding good partners and investors. “We are seeking partners including developers of smart wearable devices related to eye fatigue, producers of online learning materials and global partners willing to co-develop new products,” said Kim Hee-gu, chief of the company, in an interview with Korea IT Times.

The company said its new technology, which helps increase concentration by reducing eye fatigue, can be applied on diverse products.

“We will take the lead in the eye treatment device market by developing new health care products including eye glasses for 3D, computer and game,” he said.

By Lee Kyung-ho

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