DDoS, If Only There Was a Security Switch
DDoS, If Only There Was a Security Switch
  • Chun Go-eun
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Is your PC a zombie yet

Let's say there are zombies that intrude into your house now and then. Would you secure your own house's door or drop a steel barricade right at the tomb of the zombies The company Han Dreamnet does both.

What was the impact of the 7.7 DDoS Attack When the inconvenience of 35 million internet users topped the losses of sites like Auction who is expected to be close to W7.4 billion (US$6 million), its impact was quite huge.

In order to prevent the second coming of the 7.7 DDoS Attack, it is necessary to study the Internet from beginning to end. The Internet begins with an individual's computer, which connects to the network using an internet service provider. From there are 5 different roles of significance. From passing these L2 - L7, Internet traffic is controlled all the way to the final destination such as a portal website.

Seo Hyun-weon, president of HanDreamnet

"The nature of the DDoS attack is that DDoS attack must have zombie PCs to work with. Also, zombies garner a network to bring huge destruction and a threat," President Seo Hyun-weon of HanDreamnet said. "In other words, there is no need to fear a DDoS attack if we create an environment where zombies cannot possibly be parasitic."

DDoS defense equipment today is placed at the portal website level. Government offices, portal websites, and businesses are recommended to bring in DDoS defense equipment to strengthen the security of their networks. The theory is that the DDoS defense equipment is either to prevent the server from shutting down via control of outside calls, or expand the bandwidth of the network. This is the similar idea of having a gun in a dresser and locking up every door and window in the house because we have no idea who might be out there. Perhaps the current defense equipment can handle hundreds of zombies, but what if ten thousand zombies all come at your door at once

This is where AhnLab's assertion comes handy. Every netizen indeed must install computer vaccines and constantly update it to not become a zombie PC. However, can we really rely on individual internet users and all the current vaccines

SG2024, Can This Brand New Security Switch Save Us All

Here is where the SG2024 product of Han Dreamnet enters as the alternative. "The idea is to secure L2, the closest location of zombie PCs, and analyze every move and behavior at the ISP level," President Seo stated.

The SG2024 is the perfect solution to defend against DDoS attack

SG2024 already made some fans from its customers. According to a senior manager of ISP Services at Sejong Telecom, "By using the security switch, we were be able to detect the harmful traffic at the pre-stage. Moreover, even at the third attack of the current DDoS attack where IP sources started to modulate, SG2024 successfully detected zombie PCs. In real time, we were be able to provide a safe and differentiated internet service to our customers."

The idea of adding security solutions to the L2 switch is indeed quite brilliant. Such motivation came from a university campus when President Seo was working with them as the solution provider. "We have long been working with universities. Although later we were mostly known as QoS(SubGATE Plus) and L2 switch company, we first worked with universities as a solution provider. University network is frequently exposed to cyber attack, so we were given a privilege to study every possible cases of attack and errors. In the process of never ending battles with infinite kinds of cyber attacks, we wondered if there would be a way to automatically prevent a network from dying,"president Seo said. Three years of effort made a creation of SubGATE Plus, then another year of studying started to apply security solution to the switch. Today, HanDreamnet's L2 security switch are very well known and widely used in universities especially in Gangwon and Jeolla province.

"The distinct characteristic of our product is that it analyzes behavior in real time. Our switch come in bundle with the monitoring service. The total control program is freely provided to our customers so that the number of network connectors and the number of attacks per second can all be detected,"president Seo said. Per every 500 switch, 12,600 computers can be monitored and controlled. Everything from the deduction of the bandwidth to drop of a port can be done without having to call the engineering supervisor with SG2024. Within a network, SG2024 controls and monitors with the sophisticated software and blocks the usage of e mail if the total control system detects any negative move or attack in the emailing services.

SG2024 allows remote control as well. If a company had a branch overseas and had no engineers or technical support team in the overseas branch, SG2024 can serve as the engineer and technical supporter regardless of the distance apart and even prevent ARP spoofing.

In this chaotic cyber crisis, it is hard to imagine a true savior. Some relies on DDoS defense tool they purchase cheaply from Taiwan, while some believes every man for himself and do as much prevention as he can as an individual. Then there come innovative solutions and equipments like SG2024 that give us the back up support. Then Korea, can you handle DDoS

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