Professor J. Patrick Barron receiving 'Harold Swanberg Award'
Professor J. Patrick Barron receiving 'Harold Swanberg Award'
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On March 17, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) announced that J. Patrick Barron who is in charge of medical communication advice, was selected a winner of 2014 Harold Swanberg Award and was awarded at the annual conference of AMWA.

Harold Swanberg Award is an authoritative prize named after the founder of AMWA, and it is given to the only one recommended for his or her credit for medical communication every year.

Prof. Barren, who has been an advisory professor in SNUBH’s medical communication since 2010, engages in various activities from lectures on how to write English medical articles to private tutoring. In 2014 alone, 435 medical staff in SNUBH took his lectures on medical communication and 66 of them received private tutoring from him.

“Under the guidance of Prof. Barren, who has contributed to enhancing the status of medicine in Asia, a lot of medical workers are trying to post their articles on authoritative medical journals,” said Jeon Sang-hun, assistant manager for planning and coordination of SNUBH, “He deserves receiving Harold Swanberg Award, considering how much he has put energy on medical communication.”

J. Patrick Barron is currently working as an advisory professor of SNUBH and an international communication professor at the medical department of Tokyo University alike. The award makes him the first non-American winner of Harold Swanberg Award.

By Lee Jae-seung

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