AmorePacific, Sulwhasoo’s Special Tips for Whitening Your Skincare
AmorePacific, Sulwhasoo’s Special Tips for Whitening Your Skincare
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In spring, women pay more attention on whitening their skin than ever. Nonetheless, you can find many women complaining that no matter how much they put efforts in whitening, their skin tones look dull unlike in the past. There are ideal whitening cosmetics for those women, with which it is not difficult to do home care effective and easy.

Brighter from deep inside of your skin

The whitening trend for this year is not the way of easing blemishes but the way of brightening your skin tone to look sanguine, the more comprehensive concept of whitening.

Sulwhasoo ‘Jajeong Whitening Essence (50ml/abt. 21,000KRW)’ makes your skin elastic and transparent as well by strengthening the heat resistance of your skin with Jajeong Sambakdan TM, the key ingredient. Sulwhasoo herbal research institute focused its research on the dullness of skin against steady whitening care and revealed that aging caused by heat has great influence on skin tone. In light of this, it prescribed that heat is the main cause of dark skin, so whitening from heat, which removes yellow tone as well as black and red tone from your skin, is essential.

AmorePacific(’s Luminous Effect Brightening Ampoule (5ml X 6/abt. 350,000KRW) takes advantage of its own fermentation technology, making fermented green tea ingredients disassemble and discharge existing melanin effectively while containing melanogenesis with Mela-away Technology ™, hence the natural skin tone recovered. In addition, it applied the technology of removing melanin cap, the main reason of freckles and blemishes, making your skin clearer. So Luminous Effect Brightening Ampoule has a double function for whitening and wrinkle care.

Concentrated care for brighter skin

It is recommended that you concentrate on skin care after having stress from outdoor activities for all day long. LIRIKOS Marine Snow White Mask (8 sheets/ abt. 60,000 KRW), which gives vitality and instant moisture to your skin, is effective to remove dullness from your skin and make the skin tone brighter. Snow Algae, extreme life and pearl ingredients for healthy skin make your skin stronger, and deep sea water from the depth of water down to 605m gives you minerals, making your skin clean.

Brightening in your make-up

Once your skin become healthy, you need to care your make-up.

Sulwhasoo Perfect Cushion Brightening (15gX2/ abt. 65,000KRW) makes your skin glow and gives instant brightening effects for all day long with magnolia extract and mother of pearl, the two key ingredients mentioned on Donguibogam, the book of principles and practice of eastern medicine. On top of that, you can feel freshness even in warm weather with smooth finish by ‘oil capture system,’ which absorb excessive skin oil.

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