Lee Tae-im and Yewon’s Cursing Video Has Been Revealed
Lee Tae-im and Yewon’s Cursing Video Has Been Revealed
  • Yang Ja-young
  • 승인 2015.03.30 04:15
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A video revealing the actual scene of Lee Tae-im’s ‘cursing incident’ has been revealed after a month since the controversy arose.

A video entitled ‘Lee Tae-im and Yewon’s video’ was uploaded on an online community board. It portrayed the two on the set of MBC’s.

In the revealed video, Yewon is using informal language to Lee Tae-im as she previously claimed so. Yewon first talked to Lee Tae-im “Are you cold” as Lee Tae-im walked out from the water, but after that, she is using informal language. Lee Tae-im said “I’m so cold. You should get in the water” and Yewon said “No way” using informal speech.

Lee Tae-im then says, “You don’t like it You like watching someone else do it” and Yewon again informally said “No, no”. Yewon then asks Lee Tae-im, “Unni, you don’t like me, right” then Lee Tae-im says, “Why are you talking informally” and “Are you looking down on me”, “Why are you looking at me with those eyes” and started cursing at her.

This video is quite contrary to Yewon’s claim which stated that she did not speak informally to the older actress.

As soon as the controversy arose, both parties released a statement, and Lee Tae-im expressed her wish to withdraw from the show to take a rest.

Online users respond, “Lee Tae-im must be under a false accusation”, “Yewon spoke informally to her. I’m a bit disappointed”.

By Wikikpop.com Yang Ja-young

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