Yewon’s Agency Star Empires Makes An Official Apology “Deeply Apologize to Lee Tae-im”
Yewon’s Agency Star Empires Makes An Official Apology “Deeply Apologize to Lee Tae-im”
  • Jennifer Lee
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Yewon’s agency Star Empire Entertainment has made an official apology for making a false explanation on Yewon and Lee Tae-im’s recent incident.

On March 31, the agency released a statement, “This is our official statement regarding what happened on the set of MBC’son February 24.” It continued, “First, we would like to apologize for causing worry to those who love Yewon and Lee Tae-im.”

“Star Empire Entertainment should take the responsibility for the recent situation for making hasty response without checking with Yewon in the first place and only relying on the context of staffs on the set. Yewon herself has also promised to become more mature through this recent occurrence.” The company added, “We once again apologize to those who love Lee Tae-im and Yewon.”

When the cursing incident first broke out, Yewon stated, “It does not make sense that I used informal language. There were cameras, how could I say informally” and Lee Tae-im’s representative made an apology to Yewon. However, in the revealed video footage of what actually happened, Yewon spoke informally to Lee Tae-im which caused some controversy.

Meanwhile, the actual video footage of what happened at the set of MBCwent viral online. It was filmed on February 24 in Jeju island, and included not only Lee Tae-im cursing at Yewon but also Yewon speaking informally to her. Yewon sparked some backlashes from the video.

By / Jennifer Lee

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