WalkerHill St. Festival by Sheraton Grande Walkerhill
WalkerHill St. Festival by Sheraton Grande Walkerhill
  • By Kim Yu-na (yuna@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2015.04.06 20:05
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Sheraton Grande Walkerhill has opened ‘WalkerHill St. Festival’ where guests can experience the fun-filled spring moments, starting from March 27, 2015. ‘Walkerhill St.’ is the new name of ‘Pizza Hill Samgeori (3-way intersection)’ which is renowned for the spring festival area.

At first, the festival is featuring ‘Tasty Box’, a movable container-type eco-friendly café and ‘Hill Pub’, a place where guests can enjoy barbecues and ice-cold beers. In addition to these opening contents, ‘Walking on the Cloud – Wine & Beer Fairs’, the signature fairs where the guests can taste many different wines and beers, will also be opened to share joyful memories with every single visitor.

‘Tasty Box’ the movable container-type eco-friendly café enables guests to savor light snacks including pasta, pizza and salad. A luscious dessert of fresh fruit ice cream bar on a stick is also offered as well. Meanwhile, beer lovers can enjoy their time with mouthwatering barbecues cooked in the outdoor oven and ice-cold beers at the ‘Hill Pub’. All these outdoor facilities run every day until April 17, 2015 and open only during weekends from April 18, 2015 to May 31, 2015. In addition, the festival also offers the first thin type of pizza prepared by the Pizza Hill at the outdoor pizza oven.

On April, the signature event of Walkerhill ‘Walking on the Clould – Wine & Beer Fairs’ awaits the wine & beer lovers. The wine fair will open on April 11th & 12th and the beer fail will open on April 18th & 19th. Along with beverage tasting, over 300 different world wines and 100 premium wines will be on sale at reasonable prices. ‘Golden Night’, a special event consisting of a variety of live music performances by bands will round out the atmosphere at night on May.

In the meantime, the guests can extend their stays at the hotel by using room packages. The hotel presents ‘All About Spring (Walkerhill’s Spring)’ Package with breakfast type of your choice. The package will run from 1 March until 30 May 2015. The two types of package offer an overnight stay, breakfast, and Hill Street Festival Coupon in common. ‘Blooming Walkerhill’ starts from 172,000 won. It comes with a night stay in ‘Douglas Room’, so-called a cottage in the woods, along with ‘continental breakfast’ consisted of many different breads, cereals, and drinks. ‘Festive Walkerhill’ starts from 229,000 won. It is packaged with a night stay in ‘Deluxe Room’, breakfast buffet or in-room breakfast with a choice between Spring Herb Bibimbap and American Breakfast. All package prices are set for 2 persons, plus tax and service charge.

The offered coupon is available to use on the entrance of ‘Hill Street Festival’ which runs throughout March, April, and May. One of beer, wine, and tea fair admission ticket will be offered to guests on March. Meanwhile, Tasty Box Voucher worth 20,000 won will be offered on April and Beer Fest Voucher worth 20,000 won will be offered on May.

By Kim Yu-na

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