Diablo III will be Different, but Meet Gamers' Demands
Diablo III will be Different, but Meet Gamers' Demands
  • Yeon Choul-woong
  • 승인 2009.08.24 14:12
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It has almost been a decade for world gamers waiting for Diablo III since Blizzard released Diablo II.  Blizzard keeps expanding the information of Diablo III making a lot of changes to meet gamers' demands.

It’s flashier. It’s faster. It’s more vibrant. These are the words that tell us what the changes are in the game. According to the BlizzCon build of the game, the Eastern fighter has recently been added.  It is like nothing seen in previous Diablo games.  The Monk from Diablo’s Hellfire expansion has been introduced with desert areas. The difference between the old and new Monks is like that of zombies in the 1968 Night Of The Living Dead and in the 2007 I Am Legend. You may not even notice that monsters on the screen are already dead just right after you click on the mouse button due to the Monk’s Seven Strikes ability, which executes seven combo-hits on surrounding enemies.

As you know, the previous Diablo series had a lot of interesting quest environments that made players to keep playing game once they began. This time, there are going to be even more exciting and interesting quest environments in the game. Artistically, the graphics style of Diablo III is very different from the other games that are released these days. Even though there were some gamers arguing and complaining about its graphic style in the first period of development, now most gamers like it because its cartoon-style graphics and effects are much higher quality, and also smiliar to Starcraft II.

Meanwhile, Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson confirmed that Diablo III will support LAN in the same way that Starcraft II does, which means that it will support a Battle.net solution while excluding traditional offline LAN play.

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