Team Fortress Classic 2 is the One You Want to Play
Team Fortress Classic 2 is the One You Want to Play
  • Daniel Ko
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Team Fortress 2 developed by Valve

Although it is unknown to many countries in the world, Team Fortress Classic 2 (TFC 2) is a popular game in the United States. A sequel to Team Fortress, Team Fortress 2 has better graphics and improved game play. Team Fortress 2 was created by Valve, which created other games such as Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Left 4 Dead. Valve is in the process of updating the game by creating new game modes and new maps that add to the variety of the game.

Team Fortress Classic 2 is a first person shooting game similar to games such as Sudden Attack and Counter-Strike. This game consists of two teams, red and blue, and 9 classes or characters to choose from. These classes include sniper, spy, medic, and soldier. The objective of the game depends on the game modes. Game modes include capture the flag in which opposing teams try to steal the opponent’s flag and return it to their base or arena mode which is similar to a last man standing game. The newest update coming soon will include the game mode king of the hill as well as 6 new maps.

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