Gotcha! Oh My Girl!
Gotcha! Oh My Girl!
  • Yang Ja-young
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WM Entertainment,an agency for B1A4, launched another idol group-a girl group of eight members- in four years.

The first impression of the group that emphasizes feminine beauty reminds the audience of lovely A Pink when they debuted. It is expected to turn into a fiercely competitive stage for them since girl groups including Lovelyz and GFRIEND with the similar impression had already debuted.

Despite all the facts, why does people have high expectations for OH MY GIRL

Music to Captivate Your Heart

The debut song ‘CUPID’ is a song about an adorable girl in love who tries to get some support from Cupid in order the win the heart of her love. Oh My Girl’s distinctive performance is quite impressive.

Shin Hyuk participated in the album production who worked with the world renowned pop star Justin Bieber, and other popular K-pops such as EXO’s ‘Growl’, SHINee’s ‘Dream Girl’, Teen Top’s ‘Super Love’. His composing team Zumbas Music Factory, and a popular lyricist Kim Yi-na participated in the girl’s album to give the perfect wings to Oh My Girl.

Oh My Girl’s crystal clear voice in the intro part of the song captivates your ears along with their cute choreography that reminds of Cupid shooting an arrow. SeungHee said, “We wish to enchant people with Cupid’s arrow which we shoot.” and shared her wish.

Members’ Hidden Talents

Oh My Girl held their debut showcase on April 20 and made their very first appearance to the press. They sang three songs and showed off their hidden talents to appeal their charms. MiMi started the talent show. As a vocalist and a rapper, she showed off her rap skills without hesitations when MC Nam Hee-suk asked her to do so.

SeungHee and HyoJung, who are lead vocalists, enthusiastically sang ‘Falling Slowly’ from a filmaccompanied by guitar. When SeungHee played the guitar, HyoJung started the first line and they took turns to sing the song with their pure voice. When they looked into each others’ eyes while making the beautiful harmony, it was beyond our imagination.

Members sang a cappella for Beyonce’s ‘Party’ which they enjoyed to sing before their debut. Eight members’ unison voice presented thrilling moment to the audience.

SeungHee was at the center of attention. During the press showcase, where there was no applause at all, she calmly showed off her talents. She was praised as ‘Little BoA’ when she appeared on Mnet. She competed against Kang Seung-yoon (currently the member of WINNER) to enter the live round of the show.

Seung Hee said, “I’m not in touch withsingers, but I can feel that they are supporting me from my heart. I will try my best to show my best feat”

In addition, members are getting ready for various challenges with their talents on Japanese and writing lyrics.

Distinctive Strategy

Oh My Girls is the first girl group presented by WM Entertainment, which is the home of B1A4. MC Nam Hee-suk, who had personal acquaintance with WM Ent’s CEO, hosted the showcase and jokingly said, “The CEO told me that last night, he dreamed of no one coming to the showcase.”

Nam Hee-suk’s remark is just a simple joke, but for a small entertainment company, launching a new group could be a huge risk for both the director and other artists in the company. Unless the company houses many artists, one mistake can take away the company’s fortune.

On the bright side, however, B1A4 has strengthened their position in the K-pop scene. The reason they became quite successful was due to their unique characters. While the mainstream always revolved around handsome flower boys, B1A4 had their own friendly and the boy-next-door images. Their uplifting and brother-like appeals earned them their unique character.

Since WM Entertainment has brought B1A4 to success, I feel grateful for the appearance of Oh My Girl who made a debut amongst the floods of girl groups.

Binnie said, “Each member has different charms. When these gather up, they make synergy effect. We ask for your support and love so that each of us can continue to reveal our charms.”

In fluttering spring, will these eight Cupid girls become the eternal ‘my girl’ in the heart of the public

By Wiki / Yang Ja-young

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