HPV Mouth and Throat Cancer to be Most Common HPV Cancer in America by 2020
HPV Mouth and Throat Cancer to be Most Common HPV Cancer in America by 2020
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ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES/“Infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV) We recommend taking Novirin or Gene-Eden-VIR.” – Greg Bennett, CBCD.

HPV related mouth and throat cancer rates are rising. These cancers are set to become more common than cervical cancer by 2020 according to a study published in the journal Cancer. Dr. Graham noted that “It is projected that by 2020, HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer will become the most common HPV-related cancer in the US; surpassing cervical cancer … we believe this study is important because HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer has increased significantly in incidence, especially in developed countries.” (1) Dr. Graham is from the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto, Canada.

Because of this trend, researchers points out that “boys who get the vaccine receive important protection as well, not only against genital warts, but against HPV strains that cause oropharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancer.” (2)

The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) points out that vaccination with the HPV vaccine, whether Gardasil or the new Gardasil 9, provides protection only if the individual has never been infected. Neither vaccine treats cervical cancer or genital warts. (3)

As the Gardasil website points out: “Gardasil may not fully protect everyone, nor will it protect against diseases caused by other HPV types or against diseases not caused by HPV. Gardasil does not prevent all types of cervical cancer, so future cervical cancer screenings will be important for your daughter. Gardasil does not treat cervical cancer or genital warts.” (3)

“The public should be aware that to date, there are no vaccines that prevent disease in those who are already infected.” – Greg Bennett, CBCD

Click to learn more about HPV symptoms.

The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) therefore recommends that men and women infected with HPV take Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin. The formula of these natural antiviral products was tested by Hanan Polansky and Edan Itzkovitz from the CBCD in two clinical studies that followed FDA guidelines. The studies showed that the Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin formula is effective against the HPV and other viruses. The clinical studies were published in the peer reviewed, medical journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy. The first study was published in a special edition on Advances in Antiviral Drugs. Study authors wrote that, “individuals infected with the HPV…reported a safe decrease in their symptoms following treatment.” (4) The study authors also wrote that “we observed a statistically significant decrease in the severity, duration, and frequency of symptoms.” (4)

Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin can be ordered on their product websites, here:




Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are natural antiviral dietary supplements. Their shared formula contains five natural ingredients: Selenium, Camellia Sinesis Extract, Quercetin, Cinnamomum Extract, and Licorice Extract. The first ingredient is a trace element, and the other four are plant extracts. Each ingredient and its dose were chosen through a scientific approach. Scientists at polyDNA, the company that invented and patented the formula, scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals, and identified the safest and most effective natural ingredients against latent viruses.

To date, the Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin formula is the only natural antiviral product on the market with published clinical studies that support its claims

Note: Novirin has the same formula as Gene-Eden-VIR. However, it contains higher quality and more expensive ingredients.

“HPV, or human papillomavirus, is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. - so common that almost all adults will get at least one of the over 150 strains during their lifetimes. Most of the infections clear up on their own, but a handful of strains can cause genital warts, cervical cancer, anal cancer, penile cancer, vaginal cancer and the aforementioned oropharyngeal cancer. It’s estimated that about 33,200 people get HPV-related cancers every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” (1)

What Treatments are Available against the HPV virus

“There are no drugs approved against the HPV. Current treatments include procedures, such as cryotherapy, conization, and the Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP). These procedures use liquid nitrogen, a surgical knife (scalpel), a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, or electrical current to remove the abnormal growths caused by the HPV. These growths include cells that harbor the active virus. The procedures do not target cells with the latent virus. Since they do not remove the latent virus, these procedures only produce a temporary remission.” (4) In contrast, Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR were designed to target the latent HPV, and were shown to reduce HPV symptoms in two separate post-marketing clinical studies that followed FDA guidelines.


(1) Donna M. Graham MB, BCh, MRCPUK1, Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai PhD2, Steven Habbous MSc1, Claire de Oliveira PhD3, Geoffrey Liu MD, FRCPC1, Lillian L. Siu MD, FRCPC1,* andJeffrey S. Hoch MA, PhD "A cost-effectiveness analysis of human papillomavirus vaccination of boys for the prevention of oropharyngeal cancer." Article first published online: 13 APR 2015 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/cncr.29111/abstract

(2) Almendrala, A. "By 2020, The Most Common HPV-Related Cancer Will Affect Men." - The Huffington Post. Published April 20, 2015.


(3) Gardasil.com

(4) Polansky H, Itzkovitz E. Gene-Eden-VIR Is Antiviral: Results of a Post Marketing Clinical Study. Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 2013, 4, 1-8 http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/pp.2013.46A001

Source: EIN Press Wire

Report: HPV Mouth and Throat Cancer to be Most Common HPV Cancer in America by 2020

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