Korea Hosts First IT Convergence Exhibition Ever
Korea Hosts First IT Convergence Exhibition Ever
  • Chun Go-eun
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Those who walk across the KOTRA Bridge on October 13 will be led to an exhibition where no one else in the world has set a foot before.

Yoon Hyo-choon, director general of the IT Convergence Marketing Team

For the first time ever in world history, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy will host a brand new exhibition, IT Convergence Korea 2009 from October 13-16 at KINTEX in Ilsan, Korea. Although Korean IT convergence businesses have been springing up like mushrooms in recent years, only a few could reach out to global buyers. KOTRA and the Korea Venture Business Association organized this exhibition with a vision to specialize in the IT Convergence industry. By focusing on the development of the IT convergence industry and showing how it has become integrated with conventional industries such as autos and ships, the first ever to be held IT Convergence Korea 2009 is expected to awe visitors and foreign buyers.

“IT Convergence Korea 2009 is designed to offer displays solely on IT convergence as an independent industry,” said Yoon Hyo-choon, head of the IT Industry Department of KOTRA. “KOTRA is looking to support the overseas promotion of domestic exhibition companies by inviting about 300 foreign buyers in related sectors.

Yoon Hyo-choon, who is also the Director General of the IT Convergence Marketing Team, added, “The highlight of IT Convergence Korea 2009 will be the Future Experience Hall. We expect many visitors to come and fully experience IT convergence products to see where this industry is now and where it is going in the future.” The six other exhibition halls include: Intelligent Green Car Vehicles, Digital Shipbuilding, Welfare Convergence Platform/Medical Sector, Smart Grids, U-city Construction, and Intelligent Transportation Systems/e-Government.

IT Wonderland

The Green Car Vehicle zone will show off a variety of IT technologies integrated with cars such as those which cut greenhouse gas emissions as well as environmentally-friendly driving systems. At the Digital Shipbuilding hall, state-of-the-art technologies related to ship movement, a satellite communication system, and an intelligent ship damage system will be exhibited.

In the Welfare Convergence Platform sector, technologies integrated with construction and fabric industries will be introduced, while new technologies and methods will be introduced to help controlling the usage of powers.

International Convergence on Site

“IT Convergence Korea 2009 is significant in the sense that it is being held for the first time in the history of the world. The first day of the exhibition will also host IT Convergence International Conference from 2 to 6 pm at the Grand Ballroom on the 3rd floor. Here, the government’s plan to further support the IT Convergence Industry will be revealed as well as the analytical report on domestic product market competitiveness is scheduled to be presented,” Director General Yoon said.

Approximately 200 domestic companies are scheduled to be at the show floor, while the registration is still open. For further information, contact KOTRA IT Convergence Team at 82-2-3460-7469 or the Korea Venture Business Association at 82-2-890-6367.

KOTRA Covers it All

Only selected buyers are invited to come to IT Convergence Korea 2009 under the full financial support of airfare and accommodation from KOTRA. The participants will be given the first chance to join the 2010 KOTRA Foreign Marketing Program. KOTRA also provides marketing support for the first 30 independent booths to be introduced in the global search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. 

IT Convergence Korea 2009 is planned by KOTRA to globalize the areas of the IT convergence industry including IT applications, convergence services, convergence systems, convergence parts and elementary technology; and to secure a bridgehead for entering into the global market,” Director General Yoon Hyo-choon said. “KOTRA plans to invite major buyers from many different countries to the exhibition, trade meeting and international conference of IT Convergence Korea to establish it as a global IT convergence marketing event. Your continuous interest and eager participation will be highly welcomed and appreciated.”

How to Register

The registration for the IT Convergence Korea 2009 consists of 2 steps. Attendees should register online at www.convergencekorea.com.  The IT Convergence Korea 2009 is composed of multiple pavilions classified by exhibition item. Companies which want to participate are advised to register for pavilions which their exhibition items fall into.

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