The Doctor Knows How to Stir Up Innovation
The Doctor Knows How to Stir Up Innovation
  • Matthew Weigand
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Dr. Moon Kim, author, lecturer, and currently Senior Manager of the Electrical and Semiconductors Practice of Exponent Failure Analysis Associates

"I spent all my life developing new technologies, and future technologies. I worked for IBM for many years," explained Dr. Moon J. Kim over breakfast with the Korea IT Times. He went on to explain that now is the time to do other things, and that he wanted to return the benefit of his experience to those people who were interested in developing innovative ideas. He spent many years working with patents, both patent applications and patent litigation, and unabashedly considers himself an expert on what to do with ideas.

In fact, Dr. Moon Kim has worked for IBM's R&D division in New York for 28 years as a Master Inventor, Chief Architect of Strategic System Development Initiatives, and Think Tank Innovation Leader.  In this role he focused on high-value emerging technology development and IT systems such as green data centers, grid and cloud system technology.  He has published 7 books and over 40 technical papers.  He has filed over 90 inventions; has 34 patents issued in the US and 17 internationally.  The man knows what he is talking about.

When asked what he has been doing lately in Korea, he responded by saying, "Teaching, and consulting, and writing. The last three days I was giving a workshop... we have a three day IP workshop called the Global IT Specialist Education in Ajou University. Three days I worked, and my throat is hurt now!"

He has also published a book here in Korea, which is the main reason why he is back in his homeland right now. The book has been published in Korean, with the English-language title "Got an Idea" The book has been written to encourage innovation and innovators within the peninsula. "Because in Korea, you don't get much innovation out of here. Because, the education structure does not allow so-called out-of-the-box thinking," lamented Dr. Kim. He said that Korea did a good job in establishing themselves in the IT industry, and they have worked very hard to get where they are today. "But my goal is to take these companies to the next step," he explained. He pointed out to his former company IBM, which he spent many years working at, as a good example of an innovative company. He said that in order for the products of the Korean education system to develop a company similar to IBM, you have to work with them, and educate them, and show them how to think in that innovative way.

"The running of projects is a lot different from here and there. The US companies are more efficient and effective. Their processes are well-defined and they know how to reduce development costs and maximize output. They know how to do that," Dr. Kim said. He hoped that he could contribute such processes and ideas to the Korean IT industry in order for them to grow and mature.

"You know in America, when you're in your junior or senior year, you get together with your people, and do a venture startup... in here [Korea] you don't see those things," Dr. Kim explained. "So I'm trying to stir up how to do that. And I'm trying to challenge them to do something." Dr. Kim's book is simply how to go from a startup company to get venture capital, to becoming a successful business. He is also giving lectures, speaking at Universities, and working as much as he can in order to create the kind of innovation that Korea needs to reach the next level in the evolution of its IT industry.

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