Drama ‘High Society’ Reveals Behind-the-Scene Still Cuts…UEE and Sung Joon Show Great Chemistry
Drama ‘High Society’ Reveals Behind-the-Scene Still Cuts…UEE and Sung Joon Show Great Chemistry
  • Jennifer Lee
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SBS new Monday-Tuesday drama <High Society> revealed behind-the-scene still cuts of UEE and Sung Joon.

The revealed photos were taken during taking the teaser video of <High Society> which has started to air on May 18th. The photos remind of the high-quality pictorial shoots and many claim that they show off elegant features.

In the photo, Sung Joon is stroking UEE’s hair while gazing at her with lovely sight. And what grabs our attention the most was UEE and Sung Joon’s kiss scene. UEE plays the role of Jang Yoon-ha, the daughter of a wealthy family and Sung Joon plays the role of Choi Joon-gi, an ordinary salary man of a large company. Although they have different family backgrounds, they are highly attracted to each other and the kiss scene raised much expectations for the upcoming drama.

It’s been reported that the two kissed in front of many press reporters. Although the situation might have been quite burdensome, UEE and Sung Joon created a master-piece like kiss-scene and was highly praised by the people.

Meanwhile, <High Society> portrays the romance between a chaebol heiress and a jaded guy from a poor family with a chip shoulder. The drama is written by Ha Myung-hee who wrote <One Warm Word> and Choi Young-hoon PD. The drama premieres on June 8 at 10 pm.

by WIKI KPOP Jennifer Lee

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