Hyosung ITX Joins Hands with Nokia
Hyosung ITX Joins Hands with Nokia
  • By Oh Hae-young (haeya@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2015.06.02 19:14
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Hyosung ITX, an IT cloud unit of Hyosung Group, joined hands with a global telecom equipment maker Nokia to establish the LTE-based national disaster safety communications network.

Hyosung ITX announced on June 1 that it signed a memorandum with Nokia to provide stable cloud and IT infrastructure and support the running of base station communications equipment supplied based on the national disaster network standards by Nokia.

The national disaster network project is to establish an LTE-based wireless communications network by integrating the current communications networks which are distributed throughout various organizations including police, firefighting, and medical services.

The national disaster network needs to be furnished with a cloud system to enable rapid storage and analysis of a vast amount of data. A Hyosung ITX official said, “With the cloud distribution processing system, we will have the capability of transmitting information in a stable and rapid manner even in an emergency situation.”

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