Samsung Ranks No. 5 in the World’s IT Innovation Ranking while Google Ranks No.1
Samsung Ranks No. 5 in the World’s IT Innovation Ranking while Google Ranks No.1
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Google was named as the world’s most innovative IT company by corporate officials. Following Google were Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Samsung Electronics. On June 2, the National Information Society Agency revealed the Tech Pro Research’s IT Innovation Report 2015.

Tech Pro Research conducted a survey with 363 corporate officials who are engaged in tech business in various industrial areas, to find which companies they think are the most innovative in IT area.

Eight three percent of the respondents picked Google as the most innovative IT company in the world. The respondents are allowed to give multiple responses. Following Google were Apple with 78 percent, Amazon with 67 percent, Microsoft with 58 percent, and Samsung Electronics with 47 percent.

Chasing them are Cisco with 42 percent, IBM with 37 percent, VMWare with 33 percent, Adobe with 32 percent, and Salesforce with 27 percent. Of special note, Samsung Electronics was the only non-U.S. company among the top-ten companies.

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