3D Printed Wire Mesh Sofa
3D Printed Wire Mesh Sofa
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Janne Kyttanen, 3D industrial designer, used the structures of spider webs and silkworm cocoons to inform the design of a sofa that he 3D-printed in a single piece.

The mesh is configured to provide maximum strength from as little material as possible, mimicking the layouts of natural structures like spider webs and silkworm cocoons. “With 3D technology, we can express forms only found in nature,” said Kyttanen, a senior creative fellow at 3D Systems.

The prototype sofa was created on 3D Systems’ ProX 950 SLA device – a stereolithography machine that builds up the shape from a photo-reactive resin by curing it with a UV laser. He used computer software to create the geometric diamond mesh that could be manipulated and smoothed into the curving shape of the seat.

Kyttanen used just 2.5 liters of resin material for the mesh design of the 1.5-meter-long lounger. Copper and chrome plating was added after production to achieve the desired finish but keep the design lightweight. The final product weighs 2.5 kilograms and can hold up to 100 kilograms in weight, according to the designer.


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