Quotes from Floor of Buy Korea 2009
Quotes from Floor of Buy Korea 2009
  • Daniel Ko
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Simon Chuang (center), a global buyer from Inventec, Taiwan spared 10 minutes to meet this reporter (left) at the Global Partner area of Buy Korea 2009

Among many business owners present at Buy Korea 2009 Autumn, I came across Simon Chuang, Director of Inventec, the world's 3rd biggest notebook manufacturing company in the world. I asked him some questions regarding his company as well as this event.

This is his 2nd time attending the Buy Korea event, and he is most impressed by the advanced technology displayed such as mobile phones, semiconductors, and display screens. In addition, he is also impressed by Korea's ability to continue advancing technologically, and he sees big potential in these products being sold internationally as well as his home country.

When I asked him why he was so interested in mobile devices, he stated, "The advancement of technology depends on the advancement of smaller technologies such as mobile phones at first, then it can later apply to larger technology such as computers and notebooks." He stated that he had no planned budget coming into this event, but that he would be a willing buyer if sellers or certain products interested him.

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