Samsung Electronics Doubles the Performance of Smartphone Batteries
Samsung Electronics Doubles the Performance of Smartphone Batteries
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Samsung Electronics has developed a technology which could double the performance of smartphone batteries.

This technology is expected to be employed for Samsung smartphones within the next three years.

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology announced on June 25 that it has developed a new technology to double the density of lithium ion batteries which are used mainly for smartphones. If this technology is commercialized, the smartphone battery would last two times longer than now, without any change in size. The technology was first introduced through a science journal “Nature Communications” online edition.

If the newly developed technology is applied for the lithium ion batteries which are now widely commercialized, they could realize twice higher energy density. In other words, the driving distance of an electric vehicle could be doubled despite using the same-sized batteries. Patent is pending for this technology in Korea, the United States, Europe, and China. Industry watchers said this technology could be fully commercialized within the next two-three years.

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