All Bad R&D Projects to be Eliminated
All Bad R&D Projects to be Eliminated
  • Song Kyu-yeol
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Choi Kyung-hwan, new Minister of Knowledge Economy

The new Minister of Knowledge Economy, Choi Kyung-hwan, addressed R&D business reform.

A high official meeting of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy was held at the Gwacheon Government Complex on September 29th. One notable thing Choi said during the meeting was, "You should not go from Seoul to Busan without any stops," reconfirming the initiative to remove all bad R&D projects through mid-term evaluations. Since his speech at the inaugural address on 21st of last month, this is his third time emphasizing R&D reform in public. One of the high officials who attended the meeting said, "It is his firm determination to achieve  R&D structure reform."

The Minister also said, "There should be no walls between businesses. We need professionals from outside to make new policies. It is not enough with the current staff we have." However, he said it was appropriate to establish the Real-time Cash Management System (RCMS) to prevent misuse of research funds provided by the government.

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