Xiaomi Grabs Larger Pie in Korea’s Home Electronics Market
Xiaomi Grabs Larger Pie in Korea’s Home Electronics Market
  • Korea IT Times (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2015.07.22 10:42
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Xiaomi has grown into a major player in Korea’s small home electronics market.

Backed by the reputation that its products are inexpensive but perform well, Xiaomi is expanding its presence fast not only in the Korean online market but in the offline market such as HI Mart.

The rising popularity of Xiaomi products contributes to increasing the overall sales of Chinese products in Korea by improving their overall image.

According to online shopping site G-Market on July 21, the sales of Xiaomi’s auxiliary battery and body weight scale jumped by 81 percent and 292 percent, respectively, during the period from July 1 to 16, compared to those of May.

The sales of Xiaomi speakers and selfie sticks marked a 97-fold increase (9,586%) and a 50-fold increase (4,926%) compared to two months ago. Xiaomi products swept the No.1-5 spots in Korea’s mobile phone battery market, while the best-selling scale in Korea is the one made by the Chinese firm.

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