3D Gaming XNOTE Notebooks by LG Electronics
3D Gaming XNOTE Notebooks by LG Electronics
  • Daniel Ko
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At this KES 2009, LG Electronics is displaying notebook products that will be released towards the end of October 2009. The appealing R590 product is considered an Aion special edition, made especially for the game Aion. Considered a unique notebook, it is designed to enhance the gameplay of Aion for it's users. This notebook contains Intel's newest processor and a powerful quad core processor. In addition, it features Intel's turbo boost technology and runs at 3 GHz, the highest among current notebooks. This product was created in collaboration with NCsoft, the developers of Aion who are also going to place their logo on this notebook.

The Ultra Thin Notebook T380 was created with a concept of a skinny box. It contains hidden lighting and velvet skin as well as an attractive design. The belted design makes this notebook look like a shopping bag. The skinny volume and the compact size makes it comfortable to carry around and it features a battery life of 10 hours with 1 charge.

Finally, the XPION A30/T30/S30 is a notebook that comes with a Smart Dust Manager, a dust clearing technology. It has a stylish design and is applying a 2010 design of a sunset pattern.

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