KES 2009 Brings High-Tech Electronic Goods, Ideas Together
KES 2009 Brings High-Tech Electronic Goods, Ideas Together
  • Chung Myung-je
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Several electronic product trade shows are held across the country throughout the year under the auspices of various local administrations and organizations. But the Korea Electronics Grand Fair (KES) 2009 attracts public attention in that it is Korea’s largest annual electronics show. This year’s show is held at KINTEX convention and exhibition center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, Oct. 13-16, with sideline events scheduled during this period as well.

Visitors to the KES 2009 will have a first-hand look at many sights and sounds at each exhibition booth, considering that two other mega electronics technology shows will also be held at the same place during the same period.  The first is i-SEDEX, Korea's largest-scale international exhibition in the area of semiconductors.  The second is IMID, Korea’s largest annual international event that introduces display-related resources, materials and ideas to the world. These two shows have been held alongside KES since last year.


Of course, KES had contributed significantly on its own to developing Korea’s electronics industry and serving as an export outlet of Korean electronics goods. The already large electronics show became all the larger as it was combined with i-SEDEX and IMID. The integration of these mega electronics shows was initiated by an idea to build a perfect portfolio of electronics components and products.

When they make a tour of the exhibition booths and attend conferences, visitors and potential buyers will be exposed to up-to-date electronics products and devices developed and produced by major electronics conglomerates such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, and small and medium-sized electronics firms. Some of them include XL2370 LED monitor of Touch of Color (ToC) design technology developed by Samsung Electronics, 3D gaming XNote notebook developed by LG Electronics and 46-inch 3D LCD display produced by Pavonine Korea.

Future Technological Trends

A total of 327 electronics giants, and small and medium-sized firms are participating in the KES 2009 under the motto “More than you can be!” This year’s show is the 40th of its kind since it was debuted at Deoksu Palace in Seoul in 1969. Compared to earlier shows, the KES 2009 gives electronics developers, manufacturers, potential buyers and visitors more chances to have insights into future technological trends and investment environment.

UCCTOP Xeno, a portable integrated digital broadcast system developed by Xeno, is a good example giving a hint at what a future technology trend might look like. Besides, the KES 2009 event is serving as a forum that introduces Korea's up-to-date next-generation computing technologies such as peta-class computing platforms, next-generation storage systems, and multi-point interactive networks.

The Wearable Computer Fashion Show, which has attracted public attention as a combined event of IT and fashion, is being held on a special stage to be set up for three days, on Oct. 13-15, under the new name of the Next-Generation Computing Technology Show.

Enhanced Services

Well aware of Korean prosumers’ ingenuity and creativity regarding their deep involvement in R&D and production, potential foreign buyers are taking keen interest in making the most of the Korean market as a testbed for new electronics goods and technologies. To satisfy buyer demand, the KES 2009 organizers have set up various kinds of themed halls featuring many aspects of the IT industry, including Green Home, Digital Hospital and LEGO’s Digital Box.

From this year on, the KES organizers will open a joint e-marketplace of Korea, China and Japan for electronics components on, so that participating firms and buyers can receive B2B and B2C e-commerce services on a constant basis.

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