Nissan's Vehicle Control Systems
Nissan's Vehicle Control Systems
  • Chung Myung-je
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Nissan is introducing a distance control assistance (DCA) system and a lane departure prevention (LDP) system used for driving simulators. The DCA is operated by a laser sensor installed at the front bumper. If the distance behind another vehicle is narrowed continuously, the DCA system will automatically push down the brake pedal. If the driver keeps stepping on the brake pedal, then the system will give a warning signal, push up the accelerator pedal, and push down the brake  pedal.

The LDP system automatically monitors driving status using a camera installed on the front windshield and prevents the vehicle from departing from the lane. During driving, the camera recognizes lane markers on the road and calculates the location of the vehicle. If the vehicle drifts from the lane, the system will sound the alarm, put the brake system on the four wheels into operation, and move the vehicle into the middle of the lane.

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