Samsung Shows 2010 Kimchi Fridge Zipel Asak
Samsung Shows 2010 Kimchi Fridge Zipel Asak
  • Chung Myung-je
  • 승인 2009.10.06 16:46
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Samsung Electronics introduces the Zipel Asak, a 2010 year kimchi refrigerator. The fridge focuses on keeping each section cool and fresh. "Asak" is an onomatopoeic Korean word, which means "with a crunch," with a connotation that the food is crunchy, fresh and delicious. It features a special function that makes it possible to switch power on or off in each section, so that each section can keep its own temperature.

It also showcases easy drawer handles that can be opened or closed with only 60 percent of ordinary push/pull strength, in addition to an automatic closing function. A sensor installed at the door handle and the home bar automatically controls temperature inside the refrigerator. It uses a Scala pattern, which takes advantage of the diffused reflection of lights, in cooperation with Chiron, a famous Italian design studio. It also adds a European taste to it by using rose-gold colored prestige pattern.

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