LG Electronics BORDERLESS TV's
LG Electronics BORDERLESS TV's
  • Daniel Ko
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At KES 2009, LG is displaying their BORDERLESS television, which is set to be released around the beginning of 2010. BORDERLESS has an Edge type, LED and LCD TV type, and LCD TV 2 type. Usually, televisions have a thickness of 50 mm, but these televisions are 30 mm thick. The LED and LCD SL9000 is only 29.3 mm thick. They even have a motion remote that is open for the public. Also, you are able to see up to 54 channels at once so you can choose which channel you want without flipping. These products are already well publicized, and LG hopes to equally publicize their other products such as their 15 inch AMOLED television, myLGtv, and XCanvas.

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