Samsung Electro-Mechanics Displays Tech Prowess
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Displays Tech Prowess
  • Chung Myung-je
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Samsung Electro-Mechanics ( CEO Park Jong-woo) is introducing its new products and technologies by participating in the 40th Korea Electronics Grand Fair (KES), which is being held at the KINTEX convention and exhibition center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province from Oct. 13 to 16.

Through this event, SEM introduces its core technology that will change the world and plans to consolidate its image as a consumer-friendly, eco-friendly, and future-oriented enterprise by putting its environmentally-friendly products on display.

SEM has set up five zones -- two Application Zones and three Theme Zones -- into which its products, such as mobile phones and displays, are categorized. Consumers will have chances to have a better understanding of SEM's products and their technologies by touching and operating them.

To begin with, there is high demand for the multilayer ceramic condenser (MLCC), one of SEM's key products, given its miniature size and multifunctional capacity. Specifically, SEM is introducing the world's first 0603 1uF MLCC (0.6mm x 0.3mm x 0.3mm). This is a high value-added product. MLCCs put in a 200cc wine glass are valued at more than W100 million (US$85,433).

In the field of camera modules, SEM introduces a front and rear-view vehicle camera with super wide optic angles and low optical distortion. Developed with SEM's own software technology, this camera allows the driver to look at objects nearly as they are.

SEM also showcases an in-mold antenna (IMA), a third-generation antenna for which functions of antennas and mobile phones are integrated and space efficiency is enhanced. IMA is an integrated antenna solution for which metal was inserted into a 1mm thick case. Its connectivity with the mobile phone's PCB and yield rate are significantly enhanced. This is a product which makes it possible to make a blackbox out of an antenna pattern.

Besides, SEM also introduces the electronic shelf labeling (ESL) system, alongside ubiquitous products, such as lighting control solutions using wireless communication technology and wireless control systems for businesses and homes.

The ESL system delivers information on real-time and unit prices and barcodes of tons of goods to the electronic labels on the shelves of large discount stores and convenience shops. This product well showcases SEM's vision for building an eco-friendly and neo-logistics system.

In the future, SEM is set to further improve the competitiveness of its key business projects, including MLCC and circuit boards, based on its own technological prowess under the motto of "speed, efficiency and profit-oriented management." It is also determined to concentrate its energy on developing promising industrial sectors such as energy, environment and bioengineering, with a view to jumpstarting as a top-notch component manufacturer and a market leader in the world.

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