Dongwoo Fine-Chem Produces Fine Quality
Dongwoo Fine-Chem Produces Fine Quality
  • Song Kyu-yeol
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Only the best products survive in today's fierce global competition, and it applies to all different kinds of fields. The product quality, cost, delivery, and many more factors are considered. Without leading in all aspects, the company cannot create enough profit to survive and it will eventually go out of business. That is the reality and it doesn't only apply to products. Businesses also need to lead in good customer service, social responsibility, and a safe environment. That is the competitiveness of the company in today's market. Dongwoo Fine-Chem is striving to achieve the goal to be a leader in IT material industry.

Dongwoo Fine-Chem is the first Korean company to produce high-purity chemical, etchant, color resist, photo resist and polarizing film required in manufacturing semiconductors and TFT-LCD. All IT materials had been imported until the company developed and localized its IT materials. Also, the continuous effort to expand the business earned KOLOS recognition in TFT-LCD material and made a great contribution to the development of the Korean display industry.

Dongwoo's manufacturing technology and quality for color filters is one of the world's best. For the single line process, Dongwoo Fine-Chem has the biggest factory in the world with automated services. Its Spinless Coating technology and column spacer installation is unparalleled in the industry. Because the company can self-supply materials to reproduce colors, they have a big advantage over other companies. Also, the company produces 1,850 mm wide polarizing film with their innovative stretching technology offering a dyed series, high-contrast iodine series, and general-purpose iodine series. Based on new technology in polymerization, polymer processing, and dyeing, more advanced polarizing film is under development by Dongwoo.

Dongwoo Fine-Chem has led the display industry since PDP and TFT-LCD. The company currently has about 250 masters and PhD researchers to study display materials for OLEDs and white LEDs. Other research areas are energy-related such as nano-materials, fuel cells, and solar power generation materials.. Ten percent of gross sales are invested in research and development to expand the business.

Dongwoo Fine-Chem considers the safety environment as a first priority. All facilities equipped with highest safety tools and devices raise the level of safety for employees. By adopting safety technologies from advanced countries, the company established high standards for a safe work environment. In order to prevent any hazards or accidents, all processes are monitored through thorough safety checks.

The motto of the company is transparency, fairness, diversity, and cultural approach. The company believes that the communication raises the competitiveness of business in a global market. With the establishment of two groups, the Future Strategy TFT and OPL groups, employees can communicate directly with the CEO. Through the communication method, the work process is quicker and more efficient. Also, many employees are transferred overseas for a certain period of time to learn foreign languages and cultures, and to gain various experiences and widen their view. Currently, about 2,000 employees are working for Dongwoo Fine-Chem.

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