G-Fair: Consumer Goods Wonderland
G-Fair: Consumer Goods Wonderland
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Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Kim Moon-soo, introduces rose oil to Nicolette Naumann, Vice President of Ambiente

Moseying through the isle of G-Fair 2009  was like stepping through the candy meadow and riding down the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Transparent sanitary masks, bone conduction Bluetooth headsets, energy efficient LEDs, and more than 600 other innovative items filled the 21,546 square meter hall, garnering the awe of 31,000 visitors at the 12th G-Fair, the biggest trade fair for Small and Medium Enterprises.

When the tape was cut by the VIPs on September 24 to open up the gate to the G-Fair, not only did the visitors with Golden Tickets gain entrance to the huge hall of the event site, but the VIPs and special guests were given a full guided tour of the Fair. Here, Vice President Nicolette Naumann of world-renowned consumer goods fair Ambiente was present with the governor of Gyeonggi Province Kim Moon-soo and other VIPs. "Try this rose oil." suggested the governor, as he handed her an adorned wooden oil bottle.

After a thorough study of each product, the Governor stated,

At each booth, Governor Kim paused to learn about innovative products.  He talked often with Ms. Naumann and the other members of the tour, acting like an SME consumer goods evangelist. As a result, Vice President Naumann, who comes from the Ambiente Consumer Goods Fair which hosts at least 4600 exhibitors from over 100 countries in Germany, had a very positive feeling concerning G-Fair 2009. She commented, "I am actually very surprised by Mr. Kim's personality. He is very outgoing to people, very friendly, and I can feel his deep interest in each one of the exhibitor's products here today."

"I have gotten the impression that G-Fair is a very well structured show. A very aggressive number of exhibitors are here, and I was very surprised at the novelty products full of new and clever ideas on the show floor!" said Ms. Naumann. She stated that she has visited many shows worldwide, yet the G-Fair grounds are very modern and meticulously planned. She continued, "This is a good size. I am overly impressed."

Ms. Naumann also expressed her impression of meeting the brand new, cutting edge products in G-Fair ground. "I met the products of Green Child here at G-Fair and they have shown me something that I never have seen before. This eco-friendly educational item made a child's fantasy to come true. I would actually like this company to come to Ambiente and introduce this new yet cutting edge idea to our show." Eight million two thousand European designers and clients also come to the Ambiente to meet 25 annually chosen Design Prize winnner of Federal Republic of Germany. As long as the company is ready to serve international clinents, any consumer goods exhibitors who come to exhibit in Ambiente will be able to create a global environment. She also felt the sit-on sauna was very unique. "We don't have that in Germany. I thought that was very remarkable," said Naumann.

Governor Kim Moon-soo said, "Samsung, LG, and Posco are globally recognized as number one companies in Korea, but I want every visitor to feel and learn that many products here today are made by small and medium enterprises at an international standard. They are all highly competitive both in quality and variety, and ready to meet international clients."

G-fair 2009 ended with a total of 31,000 spectators participating, pledging to meet again next year. Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center announced big achievements, propelling an overseas export consultation sum of US$375 million and accomplishing US$150 million in substantial contracts at G-Fair 2009.

G-fair 2009, which included 330 overseas buyers and 580 small and medium enterprises from 28 countries, was evaluated as a synthetic small and medium enterprise exhibition.

Three hundred thirty overseas buyers were invited to an export consultation meeting and met with 993 South Korean small and medium enterprises during the event.

The Asian outsourcing director of P&G, which is the largest life article manufacturing and sales enterprise in the world, showed an interest in many products like Hankuk Bowonbio (Healthy toothpaste), Chamos Cosmetic (BB Cream) and DongJin Medical (Digital stethoscope). P&G promised to investigate additional purchasing possibilities.

WooRim Co. Ltd, a high-efficiency reflection-shade manufacturing company, received a request from an Australian company to supply them with 10,000 pilot order products within a month's time. Moreover, if the Australian market test succeeds, WooRim can expect US$350,000 in exports annually.

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