Portable Hardware: Clickfree
Portable Hardware: Clickfree
  • Daniel Ko
  • 승인 2009.10.07 16:59
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Can you backup your data without doing anything At KES 2009, Clickfree will exhibit products that can. Clickfree's USB product can search and save data, and even classify data automatically just by connecting it to a PC. It does not require any software. Clickfree automatically saves files as backups like pictures, animations, bookmarks, and emails. Consider this product a convenient and upgraded version for saving data as backup.

Also, Clickfree will display a product as small as a credit card called SSD Traveler and a product called Transformer for the iPod specifically made for iPod and iPhone users. Transformer for the iPod allows you to transfer important files to this product so you can have more space in your iPod.

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