Do It Yourself Monitor
Do It Yourself Monitor
  • Matthew Weigand
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D.I.Y. Display is designed to be transported in flat packs and assembled at the customer's home. This lowers the price by minimizing transportation and storage costs. In this way, the D.I.Y. Display Concept uses design to ensure that products can be purchased and enjoyed by as many people as possible. It well fit into the recent trend of the Prosumer Economy.

Individual customers can make his/her own monitors by choosing different colors, shapes and materials for the monitor, stand and base.

Its core technology is based on the side-stand structure, a so called Jason's Arm in its unique design. This structure provides a free-tilt angle without a hinge and perfect flat design in a side view.  It is a world- first and the only product based on a patent filed by Mr. Jason You.

The side-stand structure can be used not only for consumer display but also for industrial applications such as POS/POI, Computing systems and Cat navigation.

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