Measuring LED Manufacturing Systems
Measuring LED Manufacturing Systems
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Display products with the latest technology are periodically recently released as science develops. LCD technology has been widely applied not only to notebooks but to mobile phones and LCD TV. The LED BLU & Array Management System is an important part of LCD manufacturing which takes only 90% of the power consumption and 40% of the whole LCD module cost. As a matter of fact, companies improve LCD performance by developing materials and design.

Cosmos System Co., Ltd. is the leading edge in developing, making, and selling functional manufacturing equipment for BLU parts. The company makes automatic production equipment, cleaning equipment, and test equipment. The research center not only develops equipment for BLU, but is also researching LCD modules, PDPs, and LEDs.

Back light units are very important in display design. Recently LEDs have been used in Backlight Unit illuminants. Eco-friendly and efficient LEDs will be developed and used in the next generation display product.

For the purpose of applied LED to IT products, reliability is necessary. In order to secure high reliability, product inspection is indispensable. The LED Module Measuring System is a the system which inspects the optical/electrical quality of LED Module products. It inspects electric quality and measures luminance and chromatic coordinates with optical instruments. This equipment is necessary to the LED module process.

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