National Innovation Forum’s Manifesto Marking 70th Anniversary of Korea’s Independence from Japan
National Innovation Forum’s Manifesto Marking 70th Anniversary of Korea’s Independence from Japan
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Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Korea’s independence from Japan, let’s ramp up our endeavors to turn Korea into an economically wealthy, militarily powerful and future-oriented country.

We have achieved both industrialization and democratization at the same time through rapid social upheavals since Korea’s independence from Japan 70 years ago. Today, in the face of the unstoppable waves of globalization, we are walking down a path to new development and prosperity.

The Korean economy has remarkably grown in a short period of time, becoming the envy of the world. Korea is playing a leading role on the intentional stage. A case in point is the current secretary-general of the United Nations. We have evolved into an Asian hub from a periphery country in Asia. Korea’s national prestige has been enhanced more than ever before.

Building on Koreans’ excellent creativity and unique sensibility, we’ve made striking accomplishments in information science technology, culture, arts and sports. As a result, Korean brands carry weight with the rest of the world. The word "hallyu" was coined, giving an unprecedented boost to national pride.

With the 70th anniversary of Korea’ independence from Japan two days away, our future looks very gloomy. Pro-North Korean activists are playing into the hands of North Korea that are scheming to incite inter-Korean conflict. Incompetent, corrupt politicians are running amok to hasten the demise of this nation.

Chaebols, who hold a monopoly over this country’s wealth, are taking the lead in blatant nepotism and all kinds of illegalities. Though Japan has to take responsibility for its past wrongdoings and apologize to Korea and the international community, the government of Shinzo Abe has shown no remorse whatsoever, continuing its outrageous remarks and precipitancies. Consequently, Korea-Japan relations have not taken a single step towards a much-needed cooperative partnership that would bring about a thaw in the bad blood between the two and contribute to peace in Asia and the world.

This is because we are still weaker than Japan in economic power and international clout, we are overwhelmed militarily by North Korea and we have yet to carry out a drastic reform to eradicate social ills hidden in every nook and cranny of Korean society.
We have a long painful history of foreign invasions and Japanese colonial rule. With no sincere apologies from Japan, we are going to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Korea’s Independence from Japan.

Facing up to this cold hard reality, we need to practice self-flagellation not to make the same mistakes again. And we should do our best to strengthen national power and national spirit and make things right for this country.

The Innovation Forum for Nation will serve as a rallying point for people carving changes and innovation from various social sectors and keep a wary eye on corruption. Also, we will work as a coordinator who lays the groundwork for policy development from the perspective of the public and comes up with alternative solutions, as well as critical views.

By joining hands with the public in carrying out economic innovation and five other innovation tasks, i.e., educational innovation, political innovation, innovation in the press, national security innovation and authority innovation, we will do our utmost efforts to keep social justice and lead this country in the right direction.

By Kim Kyung-joong and Paik Mi-ran, spokesperson of the Innovation Forum  for Nation (

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