IT, Cure for the Generation Gap
IT, Cure for the Generation Gap
  • Kim Sun-hong
  • 승인 2009.10.10 01:01
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While reviewing the settlement of Jamestown for my imminent American History test in the St. Mark’s library, I received an unexpected phone call from my mother in Korea. A mother who by now could be walking in Seoul with an iPod, with no choice but to hear the 1000 songs her son downloaded onto her MP3 player. A woman who says she is so happy that she bought an MP3 player that allows her some sort of closeness with her son, even though he is thousands of miles away. It has only been three weeks since the day I said goodbye at Incheon Airport, and now we have something else to talk on the phone other than school life, the music.

Such gain didn’t happen over a night. Many days of ignorance have passed before I actually reached out and said, “Mom, would you like for me to help you actually use this thing”

It was such a mystery case to me how an intelligent and trendy woman like my mother could buy an iPod only to use it as a decoration for the top of her dresser. Then this son soon realized it is not the time issue that stopped her from utilizing MP3. Some people just don’t really get along with machines and devices, and my mother happened to be one of them. What is the role of a Digital Kid in the twenty-first century when their beloveds are reaching out for a simple assistant to get to know a cutting-edge product

Do we blame it on the iPod Nano and use the limited time as an excuse to ignore their longings, or do we manage the time to help out like we take time to adapt the newest digital wares for our own sake

This boy decided to be at his mother’s service. But who would have thought that installing iTunes and downloading music were only the beginning of the service Today was the fourth attempt to shorten the digital gap between my mother and I. The Pacific Ocean shall not deter me from communicating with my mother via messenger.

“Mom, bring your iPod. I’ll tell you how to repeat your favorite music.”

Unlike myself, my mother likes to hear the same song over and over again until she gets tired of it. I thought teaching her how to use the repeat function might come in handy for her.

“Aren’t you busy with your school works Don’t want to be a bother.”

“Just bring it, it doesn’t take a million year.”

Mother brings the iPod with excitement.

“First, I’d say you have to turn it on. Do you see the circular button in the center Press it.”

“There, I turned it on. What’s next”

Around the core circle is this outer layer. Place your thumb on this area and try following the circular track with your thumb. Do you see the settings menu”

“Okay, I got to the settings.”

“Scroll it down until you see the word repeat, and keep pressing on the center button until it says One.”

“I got it!”

“Good job, now you can listen to the songs you really like over and over again,” I said while murmuring, “Why would you want to repeat one song continuously anyway”

Listening to songs over again is tedious for me, but my mother loves it. Though many overlook modern technology as a vehicle that drives children away from their parents, I believe that digital wares could be s good topic to keep up active interaction between family members when there is not much to share. This digital boy’s journey as a digital evangelist, therefore, has begun for those who have once taught me how to walk and talk.


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