MBK May Restructure Homeplus: Expert
MBK May Restructure Homeplus: Expert
  • By Oh Hae-young (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2015.09.09 16:27
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Local private-equity firm MBK Partners, which recently acquired local discount store retail chain Homeplus, may carry out restructuring, according to an industry expert on Tuesday.

Chief of Chaebul.com, a website that tracks the nation's large enterprises, told a local media outlet that the equity firm is highly likely to re-sell it after highballing the price instead of continuing to run the company.

He said, "Splitting up a company makes it easier to sell. MBK will carry out restructuring during the process of split-sale.”

Although MBK said earlier it would invest 1 trillion won in the retail store during the next two years and retain the company’s employment, the expert disagreed with it, saying, "It will be difficult for the equity firm to keep the promise."

"Without restructuring, selling a firm will not be that simple. There will be definitely restructuring,” he confidently said.

MBK Partners said on Tuesday that it bought Homeplus at 7.2 trillion won from the British grocery company Tesco, which left the nation with a margin of 5 trillion won in 16 years it first bought the retail firm.

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