SK C&C Explores New Silk Road for Exports of IT Service
SK C&C Explores New Silk Road for Exports of IT Service
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Kim Shin-bae, CEO of SK C&C

SK C&C is exploring a new silk road linking Mongolia, China, Central Asia, the Middle East and the United States for exports of its new IT services.

To achieve successful global business results, SK C&C is strengthening its operation of the existing Global Development Center (GDC) and exploring new export routes centering on best practices in the e-government, financing, communication and energy sectors, a company spokesman said.

Along with this, it is making a strong push for a variety of global business cooperation models, including strategic tie-ups with major Korean companies armed with strong global competitiveness, he said.

Thanks to such strenuous efforts, SK C&C succeeded in attaining a total of US$105.9 million worth of orders from its global projects in 2008, a whopping increase of 1,694 percent from US$5.9 million in 2007.

The successful achievement was made in just two years after it established an overseas corporation and an organization exclusively for global business in India and China in 2007.

As such global projects were made in various global regions, including Mongolia, China, Central Asia, Indonesia, India, the Middle East and the United States, the success is regarded as a very meaningful one, the spokesman said.

Such favorable business is continuing this year with SK C&C already securing US$50 million worth of orders so far.

For example, SK C&C is now engaging in a US$12 million ITS building project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It is also establishing a tariff administrative information system comprising customs clearance business of export and import goods and cargo management in the country. In April, it completed the establishment of a mobile financial service system for Khan Bank, the biggest bank in Mongolia.

Kim Shin-bae, CEO of SK C&C, is delivering a speech in the Korea and Kazakhstan business forum

SK C&C began strengthening its business in China in 2007 when it established a locally incorporated firm in China. Through the corporation, it plans to bolster IT technology cooperation between Korea and China and contribute to Chinese IT development by actively fostering Chinese professional manpower there, he said. At the same time, it is moving to advance into the Chinese public and financial markets through a local subsidiary.

In 2008, SK C&C, along with SK Group, started the Chinese u-City project in earnest. SK Group signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Beijing city to participate in the international digital creation and industrial design project.

Under the MOU, SK C&C, SK Telecom and SK Construction will create a consortium to build the tentatively-named "Beijing Culture City" on a land of 202,100 square meters in a new city near Beijing, the spokesman said.

SK C&C will take responsibility for IT consulting and ubiquitous technology development, SK Telecom for construction of a wireless and U-service platform, and SK Construction for city design and engineering.

SK C&C also signed a MOU with Huawei, a leading global communication equipment maker in China in June this year, securing a bridgehead to advance into the overseas communication market.

Kim Shin-bae, CEO of SK C&C is shaking hands after signing an MOU with Huawei
SK C&C also opened a new IT "Hallyu (Korean wave)" in Central Asia by establishing a US$5.5 million postal logistics system in Kazakhstan for the first time in the region. This system enabled the time necessary for mail dispersement to drop from the existing one hour to ten minutes in Kazakhstan. It also enhanced the efficiency of the development of postal services and saved necessary costs with NEXCORE, a framework it developed by itself, gaining high praise from the Kazakhstan postal office.

In addition, SK C&C is carrying out feasibility consulting projects to advance into overseas markets, including GIS project in Uzbekistan and a project to modernize postal logistics in Azerbaijan.

SK C&C also held a ceremony to launch a joint study group with Zerde, a state-run IT service company in Kazakhstan, for bilateral cooperation in IT service projects in August this year.

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