Back to the Future IV
Back to the Future IV
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Cho Whan-ik (center), president of KOTRA and Choi Moon-ki (left), chairman of ETRI are being greeted by Seropi

IT Convergence is the Delorean in the movie Back to the Future that takes visitors to the near future. As soon as the visitors land on the show floor, strange vista of futuristic items are shown. A device that suggests virtual fitting, a cutting-edge technology that enables the transfer of mobile phone video records to a PC or TV, and many more examples suggest how the current and new technologies are being combined to bring new trends in the lives of the digital generation.

With a touchpad DID, try fitting an avatar before buying the clothes for yoursellf

No Need for Actual Fitting!

If you are a shopper-hater who would rather wear a worn out T-shirt than go through all the hassles of starting the car, entering the mall, and searching for the perfect shirt with the best fitting texture and design, i-fashion Technology Center's IT Convergence product is your savior.

In 2011, will be available for anyone in the world to log into for virtual clothes fittings. By inserting your body figure records or setting your sizes, you can select and try on shirts and pants on an avatar. Once you decide the color and print, the shopper is asked to click the cart to check the item out. A few days later, a package with the real clothes that you virtually fitted will knock up against your door.

The visitor falls into the 3D World of real fantasy

i-fashion Technology Center is scheduled to commercialize this idea by showing Digital Information Display (DID) at the Department of Shinsegae in Busan. The spokesman said, "We are going to set up a booth there and raise the awareness of this website and concept via both touch screen DID and standard DID."

i-fashion is a technical developer who has many partners to help them with marketing. FUBU and Elord are only a few of the many partners who are in collaboration with i-fashion Technology Center to commercialize this product in the future.

Come Away, Come Away, IT Convergence

Wanna send videos in Mobile Phone to your Display and see it in high definition

The current mobile phones are built with flexible plastic circuit boards. What happens when the optical interconnection technology replaces it Convergence Components & Materials Research Laboratory Next Generation Optical Devices Team of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) answered to question at the IT Convergence show floor.

Optical interconnection technology enables 10G high-speed serial interfaces and Electronic Magnetic Interconnection (EMI) free that provides transferred video content in high definition on TVs and PCs.

"This is a brand new idea and concept that we are introducing first through the IT Convergence show, and it will take about three years at least before meeting the mobile phone users as a full service since the current flexible plastic circuit board needs to change to optical interconnection technology," said Ju Jung-jin.

The next step for ETRI is taking this cutting-edge technology to the wireless transfer stage. Imagine taking videos with your mobile phones to send it to your PC or TV wirelessly in the near future.

Experience of being a MaruBot Football League player

Autofocusing 3D Camera

An autofucus auto-convergence 3D Camera for realistic multimedia and entertainment was also found at the IT Convergence 2009 floor to interest many visitors. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) presented a new service generation using realistic 3D cameras with a 3D observation range of 20 cm ~ 3m. the output format includes side-by-side, top-bottom, and field sequence.

This low power consumption 3D camera is expected to hit the big time especially amongst User Created Content (UCC) creators. The e-learning market and the industries of broadcasting, security, and personal multimedia are now being challenged to be reborn with the invention of the autofocus, auto-convergence 3D camera!

Self-Powered Robot Under Your Control

If the current and the past arcade generation even once have experience in playing air hockey, the new generations play in the MaruBot Football League in the arcades.  The player controls small robots with joysticks to get the ball into the goal on the opposite side. As the player controls it, the robot rolls its wheels, grabs the ball, and pushes it towards the opposing team's goal to say a victorious hooray.

IR Robot staff said at the show floor, "These arcade machines are already placed in Disneyland, both in Italy and Paris. Each game costs 1 euro, and it has been a hit so far." Many visitors who passed their booths were also tempted to try MaruBot Football League and LobsBot Catchers.

The other arcade game, LobsBot Catcher, is a prize redemption game. The player can use the robot to grab the ball or capsule to earn the prize inside. The robot continuously charges itself without a battery, a process which is protected by a patent.

Diabetes In Check

IT Convergence Era says there is a companion who can share the pain with diabetes patients. H3 System Co., Ltd showed a Tele-Healthcare System called GlucoAutoCheck, a diabetes care program, for patients and doctors. The system consists of a glucometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor and weight scale. When the device is laid on its cradle, the measured health data is transmitted to a health care center over the phone without a computer or Internet connection. Doctors can review data and manage patient information through management software on GlucoAutoCheck-web. Convergence technology is ready to back up the patient with the better care.  How ready is this medical system for the patients who are seeking doctors who are always on

Only a Few of Many

Hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and organized by KOTRA and the Korea Venture Business Association, IT Convergence 2009 presented 200 companies' innovative ideas at 300 booths in total within a 10,611 square meter area. "We have a similar exhibition in UAE named Gaitechs but we came in the expectation to find something that is unique and different," said Khalid Al Hafidh of RDK Electronics Co. from Dubai.

Many IT convergence items and products can only be found at IT Convergence 2009, since they are looking into at least about three to four years to be launched and commercialized in the market. For those who want to be a digital icon, a visit to IT Convergence is on the must visit list that provides the clear photo of the future with plenty of things to experience and things to see.

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